Boris Pelcer

Visual artist who creates his work as a way to explore the intangible complexities of human emotions, thoughts, ideas and behaviors.


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    11 Apr 2021

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This image is by far my most used image that I’ve ever created. I have used it as my profile image since I made it back in 2013. In so many ways this piece embodied both my personal struggle as a human being and as a creative. Byronic is a type of character named after the English Romantic poet, Lord Byron. Byronic describes a romanticized yet ultimately flawed protagonist. I find the complexity of Byronic characters thought provoking. In some ways I connect with such complexities. The most prominent connection is the emotional angst created by excessive solitude. The subject in this piece, with his back turned and inert gaze, embodies this sense of self-imposed alienation. Still today, I am attempting to find the right balance between creatively and intellectually satisfying solitude and emotionally satisfying social interactions. Questioning that struggle is one of the reasons why I was drawn to Byronic characters. They are essentially the embodiment of such struggle, but of course they are taken to an extreme level.

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