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I draw things that don't exist because I wish they did...


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"He was still alone in the outfield an hour after practice ended. Staring up into the quiet, dark atmosphere helped him relax after a long day. Suddenly, he noticed a glowing object in the sky getting closer. It WHOOSHED directly over his head, nearly decapitating him and punching a hole straight through the outfield wall as it embedded itself in the dirt. He ran over to where the mysterious object hit the ground, and after the smoke surrounding the object cleared, he saw what looked like nothing more than a normal baseball. Instinctively, he picked up the ball, but immediately regretted his decision. The ball, or whatever it was, sizzled in his hand, burning the flesh of his palm as it made a ghastly shrieking sound, almost as if it was alive. He grunted, and tried to drop the ball, but it wouldn’t let him. Instead, it leaked a hot green liquid out of it’s stitched "skin". The fluids penetrated his own flesh, pulsating through his veins. He could feel himself changing. His fingernails were the first to change, stretching into sharp points. Next, were his teeth. They grew and grew. He was never the same after that night."

This collectible card is the first "Companion Card" in an ongoing series created by Alex Pardee, expanding upon the alternate baseball-universe he created with his "Project 70" physical Baseball Cards.

Created using procreate and photoshop with traditional physical watercolors and textures composited.

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